Backtrack 5 Manual Revolution with GNOME graphical environment for WEP key

Before entering the field, we must remember that this distribution, as its use depends on the user. These tools and the manual / tutorial are not designed for criminal purposes. Therefore the responsibility of the use made ​​of it depends only on you. Make good use of this information.

The following steps have made a Crotalus USB 2000mW with 3070L Ralink Chipset. However, other compatible cards using these steps may also be valid, such as adapters Realtek 8187L chipset. We have used the latest version, the Backtrack 5 Revolution with the GNOME graphical environment.

  • Update: For this method to work properly, there must be at least one client connected to the network that will be audited.

We use a program called Gerix Wifi Cracker. The program is in: BackTrack → Applications → Tools → Wireless Exploitation Exploitation Exploitation → WLAN → gerix-wifi-cracker-ng.

This is the main program screen.

Now we go to the Configuration tab:

The first step is to start the monitor mode wireless card to do that you click where it says:. Enable / Disable Monitor Mode will see that make us another network interface called mon0. This is what we use to decipher the key.

The second step is to scan the networks around us, for that we have to click on Scan Networks.

Observe how we appear several networks, first we put the target network.

Now that we have the chosen network headed to the WEP tab, here we have to choose the option: Start Sniffing and Logging.

We'll see how it opens a terminal with the network that we want to associate. The next step is to authenticate to perform the attack. For that we have to lead WEP Attacks (with clients) and clicking Associate With AP using fake auth.

We note that AUTH puts OPN column. That means that the authentication was successful.

Then we will make an attack on the chosen network, for that click on ARP request replay.

We'll see how other terminal is opened (the left in the picture). This terminal is injecting packets need to decipher the key number of the terminal #Data right increase, we can try to figure out the key from #Data 5000, although there is no exact number, it all depends the length of the key.

When we have enough #Data Cracking headed to the tab and click on Aircrack-ng - Decrypt WEP password If we are successful we will get the following screen.:


We quote some of the cards we've tested and that work perfectly with the steps that follow in this manual:

Obviously these are not the only compatible but these are among the best we've tested.

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133 Responses to "Backtrack 5 Manual Revolution with GNOME graphical environment for WEP key"

  1. if disabling the wifi laptop and activating the Realtek USB backtrack as it works me back track by the way: D.

  2. as if my network card supports that card back track and support

  3. Oieee, a question,
    q I put everything, and everything went smoothly
    priate had more than 18mil # data did what the pass, and I throw some numbers and letters separated by 2 points, but ingesarlos says q me is not the pass

    q I do?

  4. Hfreedy when you generate the password you enter without points saparación

  5. where q put the password?

  6. and someone knows to decipher keys with WPA and WPA2 using the backtrack 5

  7. Today I tried the USB Adapter TL-WN722N and it worked great

  8. and how do I get to the applications tab since beginning the program ????

  9. Ok already among the disc, but I installed the program and not getting up that part without the disc and how to make out of the same on and off the compu or just go to windows ...

  10. LaCuevaWifi Sep 19, 2011 at 12:48

    The Backtrack can not be installed in Windows. It is a Linux distribution. If you have a Live CD or Live USB, the BIOS configured correctly and then start the computer from the Backtrack.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial I worked great

  12. Hey friend, have a card as you mentioned at the end, but in the back track 4 recognized as rao me and when I want to scan networks ... did not detect anything. with a 5 if it worked? q I do?

  13. LaCuevaWifi Sep 26, 2011 at 18:43


    We always recommend using the latest distributions and in this case more because the new version of Backtrack is more intuitive. Try it! It costs you nothing.

    A greeting! 😉

  14. Hello.

    I have a problem sgte part:

    "We note that AUTH puts OPN column. That means that the authentication was successful "

    No changes to OPN me, what I can do to make it me.


  15. good afternoon BackTrack 5 can be installed in Windows7 or have to install Windows XP to install there a favor answer my question

  16. Oooooh had bought a new laptop and weighed almost it did not work I was going to change but the mistake was mine and I solved grams me your hand worked out great. to'y very happy lol

  17. Hello.
    I tried using this method but it is not effective as there is no connected clients. Based on this when choosing "WEP Attacks (non-client)" and try to use the fragmentation attack or chop-chop I get a new terminal where I get one series of network data and numbers with a character type "?.. .A" ... 8 + 7 .. I "and says:" Use this packet? ".
    My question is; Am I doing something wrong or I do something else?
    Thanks in advance

  18. Hello my problem now is that as if there is a client connected or if there is much traffic ?? another question on a fast network load me the number of datas but when attaks With customers use the AUTH not appear in the OPN column.

  19. Hey man when I open ARP request replay is everything ok except that in the bash-c "aireplay" console package but I read what it says in brackets it is not moved around to 0.

  20. I am prinsipiante in this and buy the record for a lap win 7 but not how to install it

  21. Hello good I have a problem and that they want to attack the WEP does not receive data has explain me when I start to attack'm not getting data that is due and how can I do to get a greeting thank DATA

  22. For MIGUEL PEREZ, I think I mentioned here, but I repeat. BackTrack is a Linux distribution and therefore can not be "installed" in Windows 7. Anyway, read the following tutorial, you will surely help:

  23. Sergio: If you do not raise the datas is that the network in question has no traffic and no really effective method to audit on a network without traffic.

  24. hi i am not very knowledgeable ... I have a bradcom 802.11n track down the brack 5 But k ... 64b. (I forget the rest) let the following gnome.

    It does not give me any details.
    I wonder if no solution if q have to get off ... or else what I have to do ... in step plan, because otherwise I do not hear (as these manuals are very well !!!)

  25. Hi Mariana:

    It seems that the Broadcom cards are not going well in auditing. I would say the problem is that the chipset of your card is not valid for monitor mode. Have you tried with other cards?

    A greeting!

  26. How about, I've used the track back in May with vm ware and has worked very well, but with a wireless card TP link, does anyone know how to use and operate the card brings laptot? (802.11b / g WLAN)

    thanks and regards

  27. Hello Luis:

    What brings wireless chipset your laptop?

  28. It's an Atheros AR5009 802.11a / g / n wireless adapter

  29. Tutorial me worked like a charm. Thanks for the tutorial, by the way someone knows how to do with the WPA and WPA2?

  30. hey friend, I have the BT5 on a CD, I tried it on my desktop PC to get a WEP key and if I worked, if I detect networks. but I tried it on a laptop of a friend and me ne niguna detects network: / ke ago?
    (When I walk into windows in the alp if I apraesen bt5 networks but no .__.)

  31. Luis, so I could find out your laptop chipset has some problems to inject. Which it is essential for audit. At the moment, you have to use the TP-Link card that works for you.

    Bassmarterz surely your problem also is related. Your card may not be valid for monitor mode.

    krdnt2, I leave a link to backtrack 5 WPA:

  32. Hello! tute good! but I have a problem when I want to go to gerix with my WLAN USB (TP-LINK TL-WN821N Atheros AR9170) ON or even start the gerix, now, take it off and start of gerix wonder, I reconnect but I can not activate the monitor mode, I mean not only detects mon0 detects wlan0. I try to activate from the terminal and says it is in monitor mode. (I am using backtrack on VMware Workstation 8)

    I hope you can help me! Greetings!

  33. I do not go to download packages are packages can do without '???

  34. Hello friend, how are you
    I have a problem, my card is a BroadCON but when put in monitor mode if I get, the problem is when I give in rscaner me nothing comes network card, you know it can be ?? I get to and chipset unknown

  35. Hello Cesar:

    Above they have commented other people who have similar problems to yours. It seems that many broadcom cards (like yours) do not work properly monitor mode. If you have another card hand with another chipset, try it!

    However, you can also try to do this through commands.

    A greeting! 😉

  36. grasias por answer friend
    and if and I thought about buying a usb card with support for epecial backtrack

    but look I commented, and made already in command mode, in that if I do not scan well but if there is data traffic.
    what I did was put my key burdamanete modem to connect and according to crack it, and being connected Perform the steps in command mode and so if there was data traffic and if I throw my key, but aviamente should not be so by allegedly not me I have to know !!! Cheers

  37. Hello Master!!! You know that all good but when I want to inject packets is "sending 0 packets ..." is that my card is not able to forward packets? Atheros is my card. I hope your answer and greetings !!

  38. Hi, I'm new at this and I'm trying to do with my own wireless network, install the Rev. BT5 and this hayando the #DATA.
    But getting ahead of the facts, once you tell me:

    KEY FOUND (xx: xx: xx: xx: xx)

    As I resolve or translate that information to make it the key? or is that just as is would enter?

    Sorry but I really do not know. Furthermore, and sorry again for so many questions, but if all goes well, how to increase the security level of my network to not enter someone else, or at least complicate the entrance?

    Thank you very much, excellent information, very detailed and very good disposition.


  39. Hi guys!

    Rodrigo, we have not tested any Atheros card with this method. However, there are models that do not inject Atheros well.

    Fernando, the best security is WPA2 encrypted with the AES algorithm. In addition, following the recent vulnerability discovered, if your router has WPS disable it.

    A greeting!

  40. greetings I have installed ubuntu 11.10 and have managed to decipher several key WEP networks wing perfection but I ran into him backtrack 5 just what k've always wanted good, the reason k I ask for help is to download the image bt5 "BT5 -GNOME-64 "installation in VMWare works very well k there is only a small problem, my internal card" Atheros AR9285 "does not appear k is installed and actualize the required patches down bt5 k Use in ubuntu so it can be put in monitor mode k everything and nothing occurred to me you scan networks still wiffi funny thing is k from bt5 if I connect to internet pk appears like I'm connected right through ethernet and it is not that I'm actually not that from wiffi is the problem that I have or do not know how to activate the wiffi from the virtual machine in good bt5 am totally desconsertado as it may not be possible k has been unable since bt5 and me would be easier from Ubuntu and what if I di account is that they are almost the same thing both operating syst
    well I hope your answer soon with good news

  41. LaCuevaWifi Jan 17, 2012 at 19:30

    Hello, edgar:

    Other users have also had problems with the Atheros chipset do when audits. In this manual, we have tried with Ralink Realtek 8187L and 3070L are some of the most used by manufacturers High Power cards.


  42. hey I wonder if this card with Ralink RT3090 802.11b / g / n WiFi adapter does not recognize me as the chipset I get "unknown"
    Thank you ! through the tutorial!

  43. Rick, I have not had the chance to test the RT3090. You may not support that particular chipset. Try doing the audit commands. I leave a link to a tutorial:

    It is for WifiWay but the commands and steps are exactly the same.

  44. Hello! my Atheros AR5414 chipset, I am testing the Back 5 Back4 previously had used this same card and I had worked with little more than 5mil packages
    But now I have problems with Back 5, does not give me the key ...

    Why do you think it is?

  45. Do commands, it is better? at the chipset

  46. Hi Anna:

    Try commands. Perhaps the Gerix do not work properly with your chipset. There is also a known problem with this tool that does not work well when you install the Castilian language in Backtrack 5.

    A greeting! 😉

  47. HALLUDARME porfabor have a portable ie all flagpole where dize exo ke ke mono kree doi i interface but you did not believe me anything that's porke desos nezesito one usb ke ke seek benden networks? Porke my pc already has wifi ...

  48. lacuevaWifi, just come to confirm that it works with the BT5 with this card Ralink RT3090 802.11b / g / n WiFi adapter
    I served much your tutorial thanks!

  49. Hello,
    I also have a problem with this passage:

    "We note that AUTH puts OPN column. That means that the authentication was successful "

    I do not switch to OPN.
    Someone help me?
    Thank you.

  50. I worked my greetings wonderful !!

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