BEINI 1.2.2 Manual for WEP keys

New Manual LaCuevaWifi for wireless audits. This time we tried the BEINI and continue using our Crotalus with Ralink 3070L 2000mW USB.

The first thing you have to do is boot from the usb (or cd) that we have the Beini. When finished loading have to start implementing audits called "FeedingBottle" on the bottom bar is the icon that looks like a bottle.

Once opened, leave us a warning (which we must consider, "Please do not crackees APs outside only tests the yours"), click on "Yes".

Now we choose the card you want to put in monitor mode to the audit:

We'll get a message saying it is already in monitor mode, click on Next.

Now let's scan the wifi networks around you before you press the "Scan ..." button you can choose the type of encryption key, the channels in which to search or scan time by default is 30 seconds. Once we have everything ready click on "Scan ...".

We observe how the networks are looking for.

When finished we will scan the following screen:

Here we select the network you want, we can see in the lower left (Clients Information) customers who have partners that network. Click on "Next" to the next step.

On the next screen we will get the network name and MAC, now we have to set the parameters of attack, in this case we will choose the second option (P0841 REPLAY ATTACK), and mark the "Fake Auth (by force)" option. When we have everything ready press Start.

We observe how you are capturing #Data to decipher the key. When we have sufficient data capture will stop and show us the key:


We quote some of the cards we've tested and running follow the steps in this guide:

Obviously these are not the only USB Wifi compatible but these are the best we've tested.

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114 Responses to "Manual 1.2.2 BEINI WEP key"

  1. Antonio Recio Jan 09, 2013 at 16:19

    Hello to crack a WPA key needs to be some cliebt? Cuz I have 5 network clients but I can not do otherwise? Thank you.

  2. If it does not detect my network card that I can do?

  3. Hi Rafael:

    Probably not your card is compatible. Make it with Ralink or Realtek chip, at the end of the article have a short list of recommended models that we have tested.

    A greeting! ;)

  4. Hi, few days ago I tried to conduct the audit, following each step shown, but when I load the #data to a very slowly (35 Hourly #data), I wonder if this is normal or there any solution to my problem
    Thank you.

  5. Hello Cristian:

    You can owe it to one of two things (or both):
    -Little network traffic.
    -signal Very low and / or much noise.

    A greeting! ;)

  6. I can not detect the network card ralink 3070 with Beini in windows itself.
    But I tried it on another computer of a friend and detects my card with the same Beini

    No I can do thanks

  7. I can not detect the network card ralink 3070 with Beini in windows itself.

    No I can do thanks

  8. Hello Julio:

    Probably the BEINI not recognize the USB ports on the motherboard of the PC in particular. If that were the problem, would not recognize any USB device that plugs, whether network cards or USB flash drive.

    A greeting

  9. My problem is that by giving ... in the next step where you click ... Force is not the part I get to select P0841 REPLAY ATTACK and not that :( the only problem is, if I could aydar appreciate it.

  10. My laptop takes 20 minutes and 23 Captured IVs.
    This is something that can happen or something goes wrong?

  11. Hi Sergio:

    The time required depends on the amount of signal you receive and the complexity of the code.

    A greeting