Configuration Guide for the TL-WA5210G (Client Mode)

We return to the manuals and tutorials Cave Wifi. Let's see how you configure the Wireless Outdoor CPE TP-Link TL-WA5210G model in client mode, ie do you get wifi signal from another network to connect. A performance that we have seen before on devices Ubiquiti .

To begin, we must ensure that we have the TP-Link TL-WA5210G properly connected to a PC or laptop. We take an ethernet cable and connect one end to the CPE TP-Link and the other at the POE RJ45 connector feeder. Connect another ethernet cable from the LAN outlet feeder to our network card. Finally, plug the power supply into the light.

To enter the setup we have to type in the IP address of TL-WA5210G browser:

Normally, routers that connect us to have the IP, so we have to change the IP address of the TL-WA5210G. We put the as shown in the following image.

When done, wait a few seconds for the changes to take effect. Then we have to write the new IP address into your browser: The first step would be in Basic Setup:

Click on Next.

Put the AP Client Router:

Click on Next. Here we choose Dynamic IP.

Click on Next. Here we give the name that comes by default. We will change later.

Click on Next. There'll be a showing that it has completed the process screen.

If the page is not refreshed press the Finish button. Now we go to Wireless -> Basic Settings and put the relevant country.

Then hit Save. In the section Wireless -> Wireless Mode Survey click on to see the available networks.

We connect by clicking Connect.

In Wireless -> Security Setting put the password in the network.

Then hit Save. If all went well you will see that we have assigned an IP WAN.

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Update: If you have 2 teams TL-WA5210G we can create a point-to-point link. For that we have to put a team in AP mode and the other as a client as described in this manual.


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209 Responses to "Manual Configuration for TL-WA5210G (Client Mode)"

  1. hello good afternoon nesesito someone could help me connect to a government which is about 100 meters. This router has no security. would be possible with the TL-WA5210G hopefully answer ... thanks

  2. Hello Javier:

    The device is valid for performing a remote link.


  3. Hi, this client mode, I can connect the antenna to a wifi router to the latter issue with wifi internet antenna that takes WA5210G. The latter must have some router configuration spice? I connect the antenna to the router's WAN port?

  4. Hi, Richard:

    Yes, conectarías the ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router. You would not need any special setting, only assigns IP addresses correctly.


  5. Hi Damian

    It would be nice if my home router is

    Antenna WA5210G

    Router BBQ

    Or need something to set up, to walk properly, as in each DHCP


  6. need to connect to an open network and did all the settings of a photo and I light up all the lights but I still think I have a internet error if ip is dynamic or static

  7. Hi! Used to audit? works in monitor mode?

  8. Hi, John:

    To audit and monitor mode you must use a network card Wi-Fi. The TL-WA5210G is a point outside or CPE access.

    A greeting