A new Trojan called MAC appears Flashback.G

Mac users are have been warned that new Trojan can i nfectar their computers and steal passwords from services such as Google, PayPal or online banking.

According to security firm Intego, the virus tries to take control of the Mac by exploiting a vulnerability in Java. However, security is not jeopardized if Java is not installed or are all your security patches up to date. However, the new variant of Flashback, tries to trick users by presenting a fake security certificate that seems to come from Apple.

"Most users do not understand what this means, and click 'Continue' to allow the installation to continue," said the company. Mac users running earlier versions of OS X, including Snow Leopard, are at greater risk because Java is included as part of the installation package. "It is therefore essential that anyone using MacOS X 10.6 Java update immediately," say from Intego.

However, many Mac's are being infected by the trick of false certification. If a Mac is infected, certain applications such as Safari and Skype will be posted frequently.

The Flashback Trojan caused a stir because rarely cybercriminals MAC aims to be a Windows PC with the most attacked. According to security experts, the fact that most viruses appear to MAC is because Apple is having a greater market share. Although at the moment the amount of malware for MAC is still much less than in Windows.

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