Problems Wi-Fi with the New iPad

A significant number of users who have bought the new iPad are experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi.

The source of the problem seems to be caused by poor power management Broadcom BCM4330 chip. Although a priori be a hardware problem, Apple could solve the problem with a software update. The Broadcom BCM4330 chip was first introduced in the iPhone 4S and it has a number of measures to save energy. However, in the New iPad needs to get more power from the battery to get the maximum benefit to the screen. As a result of this extra consumption, Wi-Fi connections and signal reception have been weak in many cases.

Fortunately, Apple already has the solution. This would happen by adjusting the amount of energy consumed by the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipset via a software upgrade. As a temporary measure, Apple suggested to customers that would restore the configuration of the default network to address the problem. However, this workaround does not seem to be working, so users must wait for the update.

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3 Responses to "Problems of Wi-Fi with the New iPad"

  1. My ipad2 has always worked more or less well in connection wiffi after the previous update of this or glued to the antenna or over a iphone connects to the Internet, it is curious that this may or may not occur, perhaps one day no have problems and the day I have to connect that I need surely not get the apple solution is to update the ruter, but other teams have no problem such as blackberry, psp, ps3, nintendo wii, xbox, laptops, but they insist what the problem is ruter I think the problem is apple, because the height of all is that not connect even to cases that have made them, so I hope that this new solvent update this problem led 1 hour downloading and has not finished

  2. LaCuevaWifi June 04, 2012 at 9:17

    Thanks for your comment and contribute your experience, Jose. A greeting!