2Km wireless network in Torrent

In less than a month torrentinos can surf the Internet over more than two kilometers from the Avenue to Vedat, in addition to check email on the street or information through mobile, in Parc Central. Torrent City Council will install in a few weeks an infrastructure wireless network wifi to all residents have access to new technologies for free.

This plan will make Torrent in one of the cities in the Region with over 2,000 meters of longitudinal grid connection and 19 spaces free wireless Internet access. The project objective is to launch a wireless network where access will be restricted in time and content with filters to protect children. In addition, they try to avoid collapses in network since the massive discharges will be prevented.

According to the Consistory, the current economic crisis has forced tens of torrentinos to dispense with the services of Internet, much needed a tool to seek employment. The city's mayor, José María Català, explained that when this service becomes operational, the neighbors "can connect for free to get a real and practical service".

This project, funded by the City, placed a large network that can be accessed from municipal offices, but also from public areas such as plazas and gardens.

The public may access the Internet at the cafe de l'Auditorium and Casa de la Dona, which will open its doors in less than a month. There will be free in the Plaza Mayor, Pedro Iturralde, Union Musical, Valencian Parliament or Parc Central, in addition to Vedat Avenue or in sports halls.

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