Business security Wi-Fi devices based on Android

One of the latest trends in wireless connectivity is what can be done by the security protocol 802.1X Wi-Fi, which makes a big difference when compared with the use of personal pre-shared key mode (PSK) .

Android devices

When a corporate connection, for many people connecting with your laptop can be a big headache is done, especially when trying to do the same with mobile devices with the Android operating system. This is because these devices have many additional settings that makes the connection can be certainly complicated.

This can be solved thanks to the advice given by different experts that will have secure Wi-Fi connectivity aimed at providing coverage for Android mobile devices. To do this, the network admin files must have digital certificates provided, especially if the company uses 803.1X or EAP-TLS and certificates CA class protocols, ensuring that the device itself complies with the specifications authentication server .

In previous versions of Android, the process to import the certificate starts fully automatically at the time when the download file itself is activated. From that point you just have to enter a name with which to invoke the certificate, then select the Wi-Fi mode and not the security screen is activated from the device, the system itself prompt the user to do so before continuing.

The user name refers twice to the authentication server an encrypted form, called anonymous identity or end; and another when the user name is submitted by an encryption system called internal identity. Why a company should not use your real name to prevent it from becoming guessed.

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