BEINI 1.2.2 Manual for WPA keys

New Manual LaCuevaWifi for wireless audits. This time we tried the 1.2.2 BEINI a card with chipset Ralink 3070L, namely a USB 2000mW Crotalus.

The first thing to do is start BEINI. It may be a Live CD or Live USB. Once we started this screen:

We will now start the application for auditing. It is the icon that looks like a bottle in the bottom bar.

Once opened, leave us a warning (which we must consider, "Please do not crackees APs outside only tests the yours") click on YES to continue.

Now we will choose the card that we will put in monitor mode:

We will leave a message, which is already in monitor mode. Click on Next.

The next step is to scan the networks around us, select the type of encryption (Encryption), in this case WPA / WPA2, click on the Scan button:

By default, the search time is 30 seconds networks.

Scanning networks:

When finished scanning you have to select the network you want to audit in "PA Information" and a client connected to that network "Clients Information." It is essential to have a client connected to continue the process. Select an entry from which we appear in the "Clients Information" section and click in Next when we all ready:

Then hit Start:

Select the dictionary, in this case we'll use the default brings the Beini dictionary.

We click OK.

The next step is to get the handshake. For that we just need to press the button Deauth. To display the button must be selected a network client in "Clients Information" (see previous steps):

We note that we have successfully captured the handshake if the second terminal have WPA handshake.

If we succeed we will get the key:

Finally, we cite some of the cards we've tested and work with the steps we take in this manual:

Obviously these are not the only USB Wifi compatible but these are the best we've tested.

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73 Responses to "BEINI 1.2.2 Manual for WPA keys"

  1. how much data must be captured before giving aDEAUTH?

  2. Hi, John:

    Depends on the network. The point is that there is a client connected and there is some network traffic.

    A greeting;)

  3. Greetings happens when q is wpa2 - psk?

  4. Today, WPA2 can not break BEINI.

  5. hello if you want to use external dicionarios as a cd or usb which is how to append

  6. LaCuevaWifi 02. Mar, 2012 at 9:47

    Hello, lyrical:

    Would be in the same way. Just you should put yourself in the directory where it is mounted the CD / DVD or USB (usually in / dev)

    A greeting,

  7. nrcesito commands to boot backtrack 5 because I opened the first command but I need to get me to open the main window

  8. Nano, this item is not indicated where to make this comment. This is a manual for BEINI. Here are several manuals for Backtrack 5:

    Could you be more precise in your question? I do not quite understand what you mean with the command to enter ...

  9. And where I download the program? I hope to work by using wifiway and I could never get the handshake

  10. because it is the one I use belkin usb
    no way

  11. Markus, surely your Belkin adapter is not compatible with monitor mode. Make sure you have a valid chipset

  12. brother, which is the path to access the dictionary ?????, I just order it, ie do not start in dictionary as such, Greetings

  13. Loquito, the path of the dictionary you need to know. Find where you saved the dictionary you created or you've downloaded. Regards

  14. such a network d name


    because it can not connect to networks 1.2.1 Beini hexadecimal completion names ... ???

  15. Jose Miguel May 07, 2012 at 18:17

    Hello, I do not see me when I start Crotalus with Beini or my computer or my wife. What can it be?

  16. sorry my computer is a hp mini and I nothing appears on the first screen where it is supposed to be my network card, nothing comes out and hopefully that will be going to help me thanks

  17. LaCuevaWifi May 09, 2012 at 9:44

    Hello everyone!

    José Miguel, did you Crotalus card works correctly on other operating systems? Sure it's not a problem Adapter Have you tried another USB port? You may not recognize you BEINI all computer hardware.

    Eduardo, is your HP mini has a network card with chipset support BEINI?

    A greeting!

  18. I have the D-Link DWL G-122 see 1.00 but not detected :? vmware itself, but if it gets inside Beini not appear. I've used other Linux distros like Gentoo, Wifiway, Backtrab and it is perfect but this does not. Does anyone know what happens?

  19. madrileña_15 May 17, 2012 at 0:16

    hello I need to please me contestéis soon when I will give it puts wpa password (passphrase not in dictionary! :( use another dictionary file? ke I mean? ke ke I have acer? I need answer please.

  20. the cuevawifi good afternoon, I have a toshiba satellite lap, let me enter bieini ment did not recognize any free Wireless card from my lap top. you sijieres me. Thank you.

  21. MARCOS ASTRIAS May 18, 2012 at 3:21


  22. LaCuevaWifi May 18, 2012 at 9:26


    Mark, try another computer if the problem persists is that the image is not well BEINI mounted on the stick.

    Ros, make sure you have a compatible card to your Laptop BEINI.

    Madrileña_15, basic English! That in the dictionary you are using is not the key to the network you are by testing. Use another dictionary containing the key.

    Salu2 tod @ s! ;)

  23. as that of dicionario ace? I'm a little turkey acerlo please explain us how you would appreciate at heart but I have to download some dicionario ke specifically? as the dictionary has it going? eske understand not answer please .. thanks lacuevawifi answer plis ke ke I do not understand are xungo get wpa when it is very similar to the web do not understand nor will I ever understand thanks :)

  24. eke good ke I have in my abitacion are wpa no ai no website and in the living room if I have Internet but can not use it in abitacion is a bitch but i some ke van biene van and thus not ke that happens anyway I hope ke graciasss will help me and great greetings !!!!

  25. Hello, I installed 1.2.2 Beini. starting the computer disk d: I have tried several times to read keys so I followed all step several videos but I have not been able to read any key I get an erro client fournd something, can you help me ??

  26. LaCuevaWifi May 29, 2012 at 9:20

    Mark recalls that the network has to be some connected client and some traffic if it does not work. Furthermore, in the dictionary that you use must be the network key. Salu2!

  27. I have trouble installing Beini not give me SELC intro wirless car monitor mode I can like him for the key hase

  28. as installed MySQL segudo step in the wireless card into monitor mode aparese me as N / A and nomedeja install the rest as I can Asher thanks

  29. LaCuevaWifi June 13, 2012 at 9:01

    John, make sure you're using a compatible card BEINI.

  30. card if it supports nosdice Beini but that does not support wirless internet and check if it supports Beini could Asher

  31. Asher poedo as for putting it in monitor mode will not let me check the network ma sele a message with a focus and the initial mu shows you the menu and not an sercanas networks have good reception

  32. LaCuevaWifi June 14, 2012 at 9:01

    John, what chipset does your Wi-Fi card? It is possible that the card is recognized by BEINI but that can not be put into monitor mode. I recommend using a Realtek 8187L or 3070L Ralink. Salu2! ;)

  33. Hello all pages say Beini can break wpa2 psk keys and you. says no. and if you know of any program that if you can. Thank you

  34. LaCuevaWifi June 15, 2012 at 9:02

    WPA, if. WPA2, no. Today, I know of no system to break adsequible WPA2.

  35. Do not complicate, take the following steps:

    1- first Beini 1.2.3 download link below,gzur8p6ar7x1tcu,29pgd0xobb4kb0w,o5v2dk5q28by3mq

    2- Download lili usb creator this link:

    3- To get ready lili usb creator usb and load the iso of Beini 1.2.3

    Operation of Beini 4- 1.2.3. It's easy and only Podes consult any operation tutorial on youtube.


  36. hello I have a question on Beini 1.2.3 scaneo networks etc but I figure the button aq DEUTH this is due ?? button appears only star / stop ayuuudaa !!!

  37. olaaa a question I hid 2 network was using and now my lap and detect any single year wpa and wpa2 like to see them do it again ... THANKS

  38. Greetings from Ecuador wpa2 if possible break emulating Beini 1.2.2 + ubuntu

  39. BufferOverflow 25. Sep, 2012 at 17:38

    Hello, I wonder if the basic unix commands, such as Ubuntu are valid for Beini.
    JR And how to do that? Beini emulate what Ubunto 1.2.2 +?

  40. With Backtrack he could with WPA2 PSK networks? I guess that says JR is a virtual machine inside Linux

  41. Tapachula, today can not with WPA2

  42. Hello Friend

    excellent tutorial, simple and well explained ... many sgrcaias.

    I can have your permission to make a C / P and put in another forum ?, adding your credit and authorship ... ?? thanks and regards.

  43. Hi, Mark:

    Yes, of course! :) I'd appreciate it ordain a link to this tutorial at the end of the post / topic and I swiped the link to visit the forum. ;)

    A greeting!

  44. This closed the comments option in the manual to set the Tl-WA5210G client mode? I wanted to ask about some capatar compatible with the internet router and Tl-WA5210G qe send the router and the internet to distribute the PCs either Ethernet or Wifi

  45. Hello, Tapachula:

    If comments are closed for TP-Link devices. As a support to deliver Wi-Fi device you can choose virtually any today no incompatibility issues between equipment from different manufacturers such. Place an Access Point or Router Neutral, not worth a ADSL router.


  46. I asked the question because I was about to come near one Tl-WA5210G, but I've tested according to the steps but never qedan lit LEDs to signal only on lan and power, light up when I connect the tp-link but nothing, and I get no access Internet, I put the ip wing configuration to enter the access point and nothing I've tried different browsers, even in xubuntu and does not come or turn signal leds, the access point is new south wales

  47. I wave and could start the Beini on my macbook pro but after I mark a series of errors and sends me to a screen where corel can not do anything because I was blocking the keyboard anyone could give me a solution to this little problem I would appreciate it much your quick response.
    I'm not very good at this machines I hope I can explain it in a slightly simpler way thanks

  48. Hi I have a problem with beauth q does not leave me any solution ¿?

  49. Destroyer, the problem is that you have no connected client or not you have selected. If you detect customers select one for desauntenticarlo.


  50. Hello Sorry for my ignorance again, but when I select my network information aps, In Clients Information I says. File not found 0 sends packetes also not register my Mac Client, stays in ---- and not me Deauth appears.

    Browse other key wpa and wpa2 shows and appeared not even my Mac Client.

    Sorry for the trouble I await your response.