About Us

La Cueva WiFi is a blog written to express independent opinions of a team of busy WLAN architects and the way they see the IT world evolving for better or for worse. Here, the conversation is certainly welcome, especially about opposing views on Wi-Fi, whether it’s news, hacks, tips, and tricks, among others.

At La Cueva Wi-Fi, we review the latest news on Wi-Fi technology, and other solutions that boost its capabilities and features. It can help improve the process and drive more productivity.

Our blog discusses topics around Wi-Fi capabilities and some how-to guides to maximize its capability. The purpose of the site is to help you take maximum advantage of this technology at your disposal so that you can enjoy doing the things you love.

The writers at this blog are active in the bigger networking community. Some of them write for other outlets and mediums. They don’t think of themselves as thought leaders or an influencer; they simply have many things to say and write.

With the power of networking, this blog can come up with different stories about Wi-Fi technology, its applications, and user experience. Our blog also recommends the best practices for better WiFi and improve performance.